How Does it Work?


Who better to watch your home than a licensed Home Inspector?

A vacant home is at risk of break-ins, weather damage, mold, water damage and pest infestation.  Identifying these events quickly is imperative to mitigating remediation expense.  Trusted House Services will conduct weekly (or bi-weekly) visits to your home to visually inspect your property for these defects, and much more.

A detailed Home Watch Inspection Report is completed during each inspection displaying the condition of your property along with the date and time the inspection was completed.  All of our Home Watch Inspection Reports are completed electronically through the QRIDit software, Home Watch Edition.  This advanced, yet easy to use digital platform leverages built in GPS geo-fencing technology requiring your Trusted House Services member to check-in when on your property validating that they were on-site conducting the home check.  QRIDit offers a client portal allowing you to log into your account from anywhere in the world with instant access to your reports and invoices through a secure dashboard.

Each report guides your Trusted House Services Home Watch expert step-by-step through the interior and exterior of your home to conduct the visual inspection.  Should we identify an issue with your home, we will include pictures and details of the affected system or area in the report for your review.

We are happy to work with you to coordinate any necessary repairs or remediation with your preferred subcontractor.  If you do not have a contractor in mind, we can provide recommendations through our list of licensed subcontractors.

Below, we provided a short video introducing the QRIDit Software.

What We Inspect


Upon Arrival we Visually Check

Landscape and lawn

Visual inspection for insects, pests

Check and empty mailbox

Outdoor lights, roof, screens and windows

Visual of AC units and fence

Turn ON water supply

Interior Check we Visually Check

All windows and doors 

Signs of water damage, mold and mildew

Run water in kitchen tubs and showers

Flush toilets, run water in sinks 

Run garbage disposal and dishwasher

Check the water heater, AC & humidistat 

Check for signs of insects, pests

Check refrigerator and freezers 

Lanai and Pool Area

Check water level and condition 

Check pool equipment

Final Departure

Enable security system

Lock doors and windows

Turn OFF water supply

QRIDit Introduction Video