Add-On Inspections


Mold Inspection

  Mold presence and damage is a common occurrence in Southwest Florida properties. This is in part due to the consistently high levels of humidity, elevated temperatures, poor ventilation and water incidents. Trusted House Services offers mold testing that includes: visual inspection of property, lab test (through an accredited third party), lab sampling, lab report and a visual report.


Seawall and Dock Inspections

  Age, boat traffic and hurricanes can impact the integrity of your seawall, and seawalls are not typically covered by home insurance policies. THS can conduct a visual inspection of your seawall, and if damage is present may recommend you invest in a full inspection by a licensed engineer. 

Docks on waterfront homes can be quite intricate and expensive. We can conduct a visual inspection the dock looking for damage from age, weather, salt corrosion or ship worms .


Swimming Pools & Spa Inspections


Swimming pools and spas are a common feature to so many homes in southwest Florida. A swimming pool system has many moving parts such as pumps, filters and electric or solar heaters. THS will engage each of these components so that the operations can be observed, and defects will be noted during this inspection. The condition of the pool surface and surrounding patio area will be noted as well as other visual deficiencies.