Home and Condo Inspections

Buyer's Inspection


  Don’t let thousands of dollars-worth of necessary repairs go undetected prior to closing on your new home. THS will conduct a visual inspection of accessible systems and components of the home including:  electrical systems, plumbing, roofs and attics, gutters and drainage, walls, floors and ceilings, patios, air conditioning systems, plumbing fixtures in kitchens, baths and laundry room, washer & dryer, kitchen appliances, water heaters, a representative sampling of lights and receptacles, a representative sampling of windows and interior doors, exterior doors and a visual inspection for possible termite, mold and moisture damage.

New Construction Inspection


Also known as a "Blue Tape" Inspection,  when buying a new home, you believe everything should be in impeccable and working condition.  It is our experience that many buyers of new homes have been surprised and overwhelmed by the amount of deficiencies discovered after closing.

THS will conduct a full Buyer's Inspection, but further we will "blue tape" all aesthetic inconsistencies such as insufficient calk application, bad paint jobs, loose or poorly installed fixtures, doors or windows that should open much easier than they are and much, much more. Our report will indicate to you and the builder the pending issues.

11-Month Warranty Inspection


 Let’s fast forward to your 11th month in your brand-new home in paradise. You think that the door doesn’t latch properly to the outside, or some windows are not opening or closing as smooth as you would like. Hiring a home inspector lends instant credibility to your case for why these items should be fixed.

THS treats these inspections just like one conducted prior to closing, evaluating all of the systems and components of the home, taking pictures and supplying a report that can be used as a checklist for critical items that need addressing prior to your warranty expiring.

Seller’s Inspection


  We strongly recommend that you conduct a “Seller’s Inspection" on your property before putting it on the market. Seller’s Inspections utilize the same parameters and reporting as a Buyer’s Inspection, the benefits of conducting an inspection on your home include: awareness of possible damages or defects, utilize identified faults as a property condition disclosure, raise the confidence of potential buyers and protect against alternate inspection reports.

Buyer’s Re-Inspections


  Your original home inspection report may have identified areas of the home requiring repairs or remediation.  This gives you the choice of either asking the seller to repair them, or discount the price by the anticipated expenses.  Should fixing those areas prior to purchase be part of your agreement with the seller, Trusted House Services can reinspect those areas prior to closing, giving you the confidence that these items were professionally addressed.